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Tara Andrea Murphy

Troy Glenn Reiner "Kerbango" Wolverton

Bridal Party
Anina Murphy*, the bride's sister;
Stacy Wolverton, the groom's sister;
Jenifer La Polla, a friend of the bride;
Megan Grobe, god daughter and cousin of the groom.

* Maid of Honor

Canine Attendant
Haillee Lorraine Wintergarden, the bride's 4-year-old Cardigan Welsh Corgi.

Peter Wolverton*, the groom's father;
Trevor Murphy, the bride's brother;
Jeff Jackson and Eric Johnson, friends of the groom.

* Best man

Stephen Safranski, friend of the groom.

Stephen Safranski
JonAnn Steinmetz, friend of the bride and groom
Erik Solmundson, friend of the groom
Derric Hudson*, friend of the groom

* Honorary reader, unable to attend ceremony

Gene Allen, Wolverton family friend.

Pets unable to attend because of prior commitments
Kayla, Gracie and Phinneas*, cats of the bride and groom.

*RIP, May 2001.