Sleater-Kinney ~ The Trocadero ~ Philadelphia


Stacy and I actually first saw S-K in Hershey two years ago. We both remarked at how much we liked them but never picked up an album. Recently on a trip to Mainstreet Records in Manayunk we picked up their last two albums and were blown away by their sound and Corin's voice

Even though The Woods is their seventh album it's widely regarded as their best work to date. I had never been to the Troc before and it's a great little venue. It's an old style theater, very intimate.


After hearing Corin and Carey belt it out on the CD so many times I couldn't wait to catch them in concert. It's always interesting to see if someone's voice is going to match your conceptions of what they should look like. Well S-K didn't disappoint at all. Corin can flat out sing. Even though it's only a three piece band they have no trouble creating their fair share of noise! Corin and Carey play guitar while Janet goes nuts on the drums. I have no idea how they do it without a bass player and you wouldn't know it from listening to them.


With Rock being so male dominated, it's nice to see that three women can put out an album that is louder and more abrasive than any male band out there. The best part is that I'll be able to see them twice more when they open for Pearl Jam next month. Here's another

pic of Corin singing.

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