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Our Parents

Of course non of this would've been possible without our parents and in this section we'd like to thank them and introduce them to everyone coming to the wedding.

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Wolverton

Peter and Betty Jean Wolverton are the parents of the lovely bride. They have been happily married for almost 36 years (their anniversary is on June 1st of this year). They have lived in San Antonio, Texas since then (except for one year when Peter was in tax school at NYU in New York City). They love San Antonio, and I donít think they will ever leave!

Peter and Betty are truly wonderful parents, and Stacy has to admit that she must credit herself. She raised them to be kind, caring, and generous. Stacy also taught the both of them the true art of tremendous patience, which canít be matched by anyone! The constant cries until age two, the whines that happen even today, the squabbles between her big brother Troy and she, the angelic face that can get away with everything... I believe that both Peter and Betty are pretty happy to be giving Stacyís hand in marriage to Sean. (Good luck, Sean!)

In all seriousness, Mom and Dad have been a constant source of love and support to me throughout the years. No matter how much mischief I get myself into, they have both been able to gently guide me down the path that is right for me at the time. It makes me extremely grateful that I was able to meet Sean, while holding all the values that were taught from my parents, and to share those values with him. I look toward Mom and Dad as a beautiful example of what a marriage can be. The discovery and rediscovery of each other, even after all these years, is truly a wonderful sight to see. It makes me eternally proud to be their daughter and to be with them on this day of all days: my wedding day.

Patricia Scanlon and Dr. Andrew Pollack.

Mr. and Mrs. Keith Hunsicker

I am lucky enough to have two sets of parents! My mother and Andrew live outside of Philadelphia and my father and his wife Judy live in Waynesboro, PA. Unlike Stacy I was a model child and never gave my parents any difficulty at all. OK, so maybe it wasn't that I was good but just a dork. I couldn't have been happier though growing up with parents that encouraged my education and always worked hard to make sure I could pursue even my most bizarre of aspirations. It must have seemed that every other week I was into something different that required more junk to be purchased. There were pet rats (R.I.P Rat #1 and Rat #2), Model Rockets, Badge-A-Minutes, and of course Dungeons and Dragons. Maybe the fact that I couldn't even find people to play D&D with will give you an idea of my social life was like as a child. Through it all they were kind enough to put up with each escaped rodent. Thanks Mom, Dad, Judy and Andy for letting me explore all of those strange interests.

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