The Wedding Party







We wanted to take a minute to introduce everyone to our wedding party.

Sean's Groomsmen

Mike Hunsicker (Best Man): My brother and closest friend for 25 years, Mike and I have been trading blows for a long time. He works in TV and constantly amazes me with his creative talents. We may have very different personalities but I feel lucky to have him by my side on my wedding day.




Michael Ross Pollack: Ross is my stepbrother and my mentor in Texas Hold 'em. He's currently enrolled in NYU. Ross probably took more abuse from Mike and I than he should have growing up, but at least he took it like a champ. Oh, and by the way, I can still beat Ross in bowling with one hand tied behind my back.




Troy Wolverton: Troy has been great to me from the first time we met. I'm glad Stacy and I have Troy and Tara as examples of how wonderful married life and family life can be. Troy has a great job reviewing new technology for TheStreet.com. Last time we saw him he had the coolest gizmos that weren't even on the market yet.




Dave Manley: Dave was a fellow offensive lineman in college and a former roommate. We don't get together as often as we'd like but every time we do it's like we just saw each other last week. Dave was my dart partner for many years and still whoops me one on one. Oh, and he loves snacks.

Cappi Lay: Cappi has been a good friend since college. This guy has done more interesting things in the last 5 years than I've done in my entire life. He's now a Doctor and is currently spending time in Ecuador doing field work in medicine. Before Ecuador, Cappi spent time in rural Mexico at a clinic for Native South Americans.


Stacy's Bridesmaids

Kim Furuyama (matron of honor): Kim is my sister, who lives in Norco, California with her husband, Mike, and my gorgeous nephew, Charlie Michael. I am lucky to have Kim by my side, guiding my way toward walking down the aisle.

Tara Murphy: Tara is my sister-in-law, wife of my brother Troy, and mother to my other handsome nephew, Henry. Tara also has experience in wedding planning - in fact, it's a relief to have her expertise standing up with me as well - I know I can make it through without waving my arms, screaming, and running the opposite way of the alter!

Christie Perfetti: Christie is a friend from Wells College. In fact, she, Jodi, Anne and I all made quite a foursome! Christie currently lives in New York City where she has published a book called Revolutions Per Minute and produced a show off broadway called Carnival Girls. I had the priveledge to be in the original cast of her one-act show our Senior year at Wells.

Jodi Riggs: Jodi is a friend from Wells as well. Jodi was the first person to meet Sean (on the same night as me), and witnessed Sean asking me out on my first date! Jodi just began a master's program at SUNY Oswego, and hopes to have her degree in two years.

Anne Williams: Anne and I met a couple of days after orientation our freshman year. We were instant friends and played field hockey together (along with Jodi!) Anne has also just began a master's program in Boston, where she has lived as a socialworker, since graduation.

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